Transform your life with Nutrition, Fitness Training and Accountability

19 January, 2023
  1. Your vision, goals and mindset brings you beyond your current position
    • See yourself as you wish to be and keep that vision clear yet evolving
  2. Have a support team or share your vision with someone you know, respect or idolize
    • Social media, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors,…they all could know about your special plans for yourself!
  3. Expect to be inspired and search for inspiration to inspire others
    • Inspiration will find you,…as long as you’re open to accepting new things, creating change and accepting that today is going to be different than tomorrow
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail or fall, forever
    • The greatest figures in Human history failed & fell, again and again
    • Review, Revise, Revenge!
  5. Be risky
    • Everything has risk so accept some risk
  6. Be your own superhero with YOUR OWN super powers
    • Use your imagination and anything can happen, even if it’s only in your mind
  7. Be accountable for your pitfalls and successes, own them all and learn from them
    • Reflect, Organize, Attack!
  8. Be creative
    • Your mind can conquer anything, you just have to believe
  9. Be selfish
    • Literally no one else will do this for you, no one understands your desires like you
  10. Be relentless
    • Life is short, life is not fair, get up and make up your mind: “how bad do you want it?”
  11. Let yourself LIGHT UP!!
    • Light up your life NOW rather than NEVER.